About Us

We are conducting R&D on next-energy technologies for opening up the future of humankind. In addition to the new energy technologies (photon upconversion, redox-flow thermoelectrochemical conversion) that we have developed and led so far, we are developing novel CO2 absorption/adsorption materials and the system for CO2 separation. There are vast opportunities and frontiers in our challenges.

Such cutting-edge themes are what companies are questing for as new-generation technologies, and we believe that it is our mission to send out seeds of innovative technologies to society. Laboratory tours and questions are accepted individually at any time, so please feel free to contact us at the address in "Access" on the left. We look forward to the participation of many people who pursue the dreams together to create a better future.

Aims and Keywords

Technologies for carbon neutrality, Light conversion for solar utilizations, Thermal energy harvesting, CO2 capturing materials & systems, Materials for solid batteries, Exploration of new energy discipline

Methods Typically Used

- Materials development and characterizations by experiments
- Spectroscopic, electrochemical, and thermo-analytical measurements
- Thermal-fluid and quantum-chemical simulations